Common idioms/expressions


Salut tout le monde,

Can anybody share the must-know common French idioms or expressions in a conversation (if any). I'd be most grateful. Thanks.



Coûter les yeux de la tête literally means that something costs the eyes in your head :)

J’aurais aimé acheter un nouvel ordi mais ça coûte les yeux de la tête.

I would have liked to buy a new computer but it costs an arm and a leg.



Salut Maisarah - Lesson 15.2 in Rocket French Level 2 covers quite a few idioms: e.g. Elle m'a posé un lapin and J'étais rouge de colère.


Merci beaucoup! Thank you for your help


Loin des yeux, loin du cœur.
(far from the eyes, far from the heart)
Out of sight, out of mind.

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