Est-ce que



Hello, just started the course about 10 days ago and am confused about Est-ce que.  For example I thought I understood Est-ce que from lesson 1.3 there were recorded samples that this meant "Do" or Est-ce que vous? is "do you"

Now I'm in 2.1 and see examples that Est-ce que starts off meaning "Is" - the Picasso museum nearby? Then later in the lesson its used again in the blue box is Est-ce que as "Are" you ready? I looked on line at other French resources and see it used as "Can"

So, really? ! There are now 4 uses Est-ce que all spelled the same and no real difference in context  that I can tell.  And there isn't any explanation in the course?

Help please as totally confused when or how to use.

Thank you.

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