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Can somebody recommend a language study book to go along with the Rocket French course  that will complement the on-line learning experience.   Thank You......


Hi hanover601, that depends on your present level. If you're a beginner, but are familiar with reading French, I would recommend Grammaire expliquée du français. Niveau débutant. You can consult it online if you like:

If you are more advanced there is a "Niveau intermédiaire" too. It's my favorite because it forces me to think grammatically in French. (If you take lessons in advanced conversation in a one-to-one situation or class in French one day, one will most probably communicate grammatical questions in French too. So it is useful to learn the French vocab from the beginning.)

If you can afford it: go for the hardbound book (ISBN-10: 2090337036) not the paperback. It's worth it. You will use it for the rest of your life!

BTW: watch out for bad links concerning this subject. I found several pdf-versions with a "better-not-touch" mark from Web of Trust.


There's also a very good on-line website that includes a textbook.  It's from the University of Texas, and the site is called Français interactif.  It's URL is  The site has all the French grammar rules, as well as a very handy verb conjugation reference   I use the latter quite regularly.


Thank you for your responses.  I'm a beginner in learning French.  Also are there any links to sites where one can get on-line video instruction to practice ?


Bonjour hanover601,

I'm also a beginner. I use the same site as Diana-S1 but I also like the idea of video to see how the person's mouth moves in a certain way to form certain sound; my way of learning.  There are 2 free YouTube that I signed up and I received 2 short video once a week. One is Comme une Française; she talks more about the culture of France, which is especially useful if you are planning a trip in the future. The other is Learn French with Alexa. She is all over the place: grammar, conjugation, pronunciation, musical instruments (new vocabulary if you are not familiar with musical instruments), slang, etc. The video ranges from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. You can find them randomly on YouTube or you can sign up and be delivered to your email account. I believe they both might have paid program but I'm overwhelmed as is so I just get the free videos in small doses. 

Bonne chance


I also like Alexa Polidoro.  As M-L wrote, she has many short clips on YouTube, and you can see her face and read her lips.  She also has a full course of about 40 lessons, and she used to offer the first 15 free.  However now, aside from a couple of sample lessons, they are all paid.  That said, the first 15 used to be on, for free and may still be there.  Her course lessons are only audio -- not video.


I like Francais avec Pierre. He is a teacher and has free video lessons all the way through B2 if I'm not mistaken. Last count, he has 108 videos and he's got some quirky, fun videos that make learning a lot of fun.

There's also another great channel by a French Language teacher. 

It's called French from Beginner to Advanced. This guy has so many videos it will make your head spin. In fact, I admit that I cheated and downloaded a few of his videos that are supposed to be subliminal. Did they make me a better speaker? I'm not sure. However, I have found myself studying various materials and hitting upon a word that I've never spoken before but I recognize. So clearly there must be something with this subliminal learning. 

And, of course, Comme un Francais I like a lot because her lessons are quick and easy.

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