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French in France vs. French in Belgium


How is speaking/using French in Belgium (specifically Brussels) different than in France? Or, maybe there is not too much difference? Or maybe, mostly a difference with the accent? If so, is anyone able to describe this? Merci beaucoup! Rebecca :O)


Salut Rebecca, I'm going to cheat here a wee bit and post this link to a Wikipedia page, because to be honest I'm not sure, other than they have an accent and a few other vocabulary changes such as the use different numbers for 70, 80 and 90. I hope this helps all the same. - Marie-Claire


Merci beaucoup Marie-Claire. C'était très utile! When I was looking on the page, I noticed a place that said "other languages." When I clicked on it, it took me to a page written in French, that was very comprehensive. And, you also asked my next question... when you would use soixante-vingt versus huitante, etc. So, thank-you very much! I appreciate it! :)

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