How do I get started?


"Sava", Como tulle vu! MY question is how do I actually get started with french? I just love the language, to even here it, or just know how to speak it.




Bonjour! Taking this course is an excellent way to begin learning the language. Remember also that it is a step by step process and our lessons move at a good steady pace. Also, listening to as much French as possible, whether you understand it or not can be as helpful as anything. J'attends à voir vos progrès! - Marie-Claire


Just start with the lessons, little by little. One lesson every day. Good luck! Bon courage !



gary robert

salut tous le monde. I am so mad at myself for not studying this course . I stopped at least 6 months ago or more when I became discouraged. I was doing ok, but I don't have the confidence i need to speak. I have an american friend fluent in French but I am shy to speak french around him. I have to get over this if I ever want to learn French. merci.


Salut Gary, That is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to learning a foreign language, actually getting rid of those inhibitions that stop you just giving it a go. Don't be shy to speak because most people are more than willing to help you learn. Keep it up! - Marie-Claire


salut I've started English with my grandpa and the french with this site. i think the best way to learn some thing like this is just to start from where ever you want. in the progress you can find the clue ways


salut je suis très heureuse de vous connecter j'ai un problème d'apprendre la langue française portant celle ci c'est la langue principale d'étude en université aidez moi svp


Make a plan and stick to it! Bonne Chance!



Listen to French music. Mc Solaar has good rhymes

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