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I need a serious chat partner for French


I am a false beginner and want to start chatting. I am on skype.


We can try. Agnieszka [email protected]


bonjour, i am interested to join with you, mon skype sinar sejahtera


Bonjour, I am just beginning to spend more time learning French and if someone is able to help me practice and learn, that would be greatly appreciated...would be happy to help out my partners as best as able...merci beacoup!


Lets try !


mersi beacoup for your at work now but can check in later...hope to talk with you soon


OK, see you later.


je suis interested.i sera disponible à [email protected]


my skype is: pb_williams


Lets improve our French.


Bonjour à tous! J'espère que vous preniez cette bonne opportunité de se connaître et que vous commenciez à utiliser tout ce que vous avez appris ici chez RocketLanguages. I hope that you are taking this great opportunity to get to know each other and that you are starting to use all of the things you have learned here at RocketLanguages. Continuez à bosser! - Keep on working! - Marie-Claire


Est-ce que tout le monde veulent apprendre le français pour leur travaille? où pour plaisir? Je veux apprendre pour tous les deux; je suis enseignant de français et j'ai toujours aimé les langues. De quels pays vennez vous?


Chicago, Illinois USA


Je viens Chicago, Illinois aux Etats Unis.

Plcntme54 viens Wisconsin, aux Etats Unis...merci


salut,je vien d' sais Anglaise et un peu Franciase [email protected]


pb_williams, to find me on Skype. Lets practice our French. Allons-y


plz some one give me his facebook to learn together frensh


hi all my name is sarah from qatar age 29 i would like to have a friends from different countries we can learn together and vist eache other some day .. my contact is'' black berry pin : 2AA026EA Email : [email protected] d'attente pour vous mes nouveaux amis avec mon plaisir ___________________________________- salut à tous Mon nom est Sarah de l'âge de 29 qatar je voudrais avoir quelques amis de différents pays que nous pouvons apprendre ensemble et vist eache autre un jour .. mon contact est'' black berry broches: 2AA026EA Email: [email protected] d'attente Pour Vous mes amis Nouveaux avec mon plaisir


hiii every body ..!!! me tooo i want to participate with u and this is my skype yassminaa.khanou and i hope to meet u soon :)


Salut Mon nom est Bader, je viens de Emirates ( Dubai ), j'ai 36 ans. je voudrais apprendre la Français parce que je l'aimes et fair amis de tout le monde. Email: [email protected] Merci


Hi there, I'm new to learning French. Anyone who would like to practice French with a beginner can contact me on Email [email protected] and I can add you to Skype


salut , I'm not yet an advanced learner so I'm writting in English, I'm a practical girl , I'm looking for a native speaker of french preferably a girl , to exchange French language with me I'm a native Egyptian Arabic speaker ,my second language is English I"m ready for both.. I live in Dubai , I need live practice no skype no chatting , live and real life situations. Please only serious people.. merci et a bientot :)


salut, je suis enchantè de faire votre connaisance. quel temps fait-il aujourd'hui ? en indonesia il fait très chaud et il fait mauvais temps. maintenant nous sommes libre pasce que public holiday all office are closed. quel temps etes vous preferer ? à bientòt. hai. Marie - claire, could you help me to check this little because i don't know this is true or not. merci beaucoup


salut bader et isabel j'ai vous ajouté dans mon compte et j'espère que vous me accepter vite :)


We can try: pb_williams on Skype. I will always try and study French with anyone that is serious. Also I will be going to Fance soon, so the more practice I can get the better I will be with French for my trip.


salut mes amie moi aussi je voulez parler français ^^ and am so happy thanks for you


Hi,anyone who wants to chat?we can learn together.Holla.


Hi Sylvie Do u have a skybe!? Merci


We can try: pb_williams on Skype. Also I will be going to Fance soon, so the more practice I can get the better I will be with French for my trip.


Hi i'm in South Africa so much interested in learning French


Hi all I learn french too. I'm looking for a native speaker of french on skype for devoloper my langue francais.I am from Azerbaidjane(my skype name is abbasli.layla1) Thank you!


Hi all, having trouble with my skype just now but would love to talk all those who have given their skype address when able. I live in Perth West Australia if anyone lives close by let me know. I'm planning to spend 3 months in France as soon as I can and hopefully I will be able to speak a little by then! Would really appreciate any help. Thanks


Salut tout le monde. I'm looking for someone to help me speak french. Can someone help? I'm from Canada.


salut tout le monde, i am interested to join with you , "speak french" my skype sinar sejahtera


I am also learning French. I am finished Beginners Level 1 and I am starting Beginners Level 2. Having someone to do homework with and practice would be good. Assistance and practice with conversation and pronunciation would be very helpful. I do not have skype. At the moment I attend class, have a Tutor and have enrolled in a conversation group. [email protected]


how can I join this group to chat?


bonjour friends! i have just started learning french. someone to help me practice


Hi I am indien boy 27 age I have no friend for spech French


hi I need a chat partner to practice french. If anyone interested please contact with me


salut tout le mond !! i have just started learning french. someone to help me practice


hi every one im just started learning french if any one can help me im on msn my id -- [email protected] com thanks for all


my email - [email protected],com


salut , i need some one to hlep me to improve french languages , and i have problem to speak and read french , i would some one hlep to me . thank you!


salut tout le monde , moi aussi je adore apprend ,help please


salut tout le monde. je parle allemande et anglais et un petit peux française. :) :( nous visitons Paris en juin 2013 et je doit apprendre plus de conversation francoise. skype: jacklorrainebrunner attention les temps : Nous habitons Australie UTC +10 heures ou Nouvelle Zélande UTC+13 (en été) remember to put Rocket french into the request


hi all i am from rainy Plymouth UK and would like to try and chat with some one in french i am only a beginner so please be gentle with me. many thanks Richard.


Salut tout le monde Je parle juste un petite peu francais. Mais j'adore apprendre francais. So pls skype m @chitra673 A' Bientot


Four chat in french, please add Yi.Zhijun via SKYPE


salut! pls i am desparate to to learn and speak french. i understand it a little so i want to speak as well.

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