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incorrect translation in 11.3 renting an appartement


Here is a sentence in the lesson dialog that may need a correction.

et on va leur demander une caution, peut-etre plus elevee en raison du risque.
translated as
and one is going ask them for a deposit, maybe due to the higher risk.
shoud be, peut-etre:
and one is going to ask them for a deposit, maybe higher due to a risk.

Vit Novak


toru e

Hi, in this case, du is used in a partitive sense since risk is uncountable, so the translation should be more like "maybe higher due to risk" (no article [a/the] at all).


Yes, you are correct.


Salut VitN et toru e !

Merci pour votre question ! You're right, Vit: the sentence that you mention was incorrectly translated. Thank you for pointing this out to us! We will fix it straight away.

The way that we translate en raison du risque into English actually varies based on the context. In this particular instance, Eric is referring to a specific risk, rather than to risk in general or as an abstract concept. Therefore, in this sentence, this phrase should be translated as "due to the risk"; this is also fitting because it prompts Anne to ask, "What risk?"

Merci encore pour votre aide !

À la prochaine,


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