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How can I get the french accent?


Hi Marian,
  1. You can type them on the keyboard á à é è. Just kidding. You meant speaking, right?
  2. You can practice using rocket record to copy the instructors here at Rocket Languages.
  3. There are lots of additional materials available for working on pronunciation. Try ordering one of the CLE books like this one:
  4. Don't worry about it too much unless you want to be a CIA agent like Nikita. People find accents interesting so long as you can speak clearly. You may even get compliments on your accent from time to time.


Another thing, there's no such thing The English Accent; there are several from England, and several from the United States; there are also accents from Australia, Canada, etc.  Likewise, there's no such thing as The French Accent, even in France; there are also French accents from Morocco, Canada. etc.

When I listen to the Rocket French audios, I guess Paul is British, by his accent.  When I listen to Marie Claire, I guess that she learned English from British teachers, again by her accent of the English language.

That said, Marian, there's no right or wrong regarding accent; it's part of what makes us who we are.  My English accent is western Canadian, and your's is likely something else.  Besides this, each of our native English accents will also temper our French accents.  In the end, we must aim to have a French accent that is easily understood by any other French-speaking person.  Just as important as is the need for a good accent, is the need to speak the language with good vocabulary and good grammar.

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