Lesson 18.3



There is another error in a level 3 lesson.  In the conversation The Cliente says " Je ne sais plus trop." It is translated as," I don't know anymore."  Then in the extra vocabulary the exact same sentence is translated "I don't really know.  And "Je ne sais plus" is translated as " I don't know anymore".  It's completely confusing.

Can you help because "I don't  really know" ( which is also defined as "Je ne sais plus trop").


Salut Meages !

Thank you for pointing this inconsistency out to us!

The translations have indeed been a bit muddled up here. Here are the appropriate translations if we look at the possible options one by one:

- Je ne sais plus means "I don't know anymore."
- Je ne sais pas trop means "I don't really know."
- Je ne sais plus trop means "I don't really know anymore."

I will make sure that the lesson is fixed to reflect the accurate translations. Thank you again for letting us know about this, and our apologies for the error!

Bon travail !


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