Lesson 7.3 Audio Tracts



In Lesson 7.3, Interactive Audio, in the initial conversation, Claire states, “Ça se passe vraiment bien !”  However, her declaration is muddled by changes.
The first change is in the transcript, where it’s simply written as, “Ça se passe bien !”
Later, at 2:40 and at 2:57, Claire’s declaration is again repeated as, “Ça se passe vraiment bien !”  Later at 3:38, Paul tells us that Claire said, “Ça se passe tres bien !” and he asks the listener to say it again after Claire, at which time her original is repeated.  Finally, Paul tells us the meaning of vraiment.
Another interesting thing is in the Audio Tract and the Role Play.  They are available for review and simply repeat the Interactive Audio’s basic sound tract, but here Claire states “Ça se passe bien !”


Bonjour Diana,

Je suis désolée si ce n'est pas très évident but the variation in the use of the phrase, "ça se passe bien" is simply to show you how it can be played with and how we can increase the degree of emotion by adding the words 'très' & 'vraiment'. It was designed this way in order to give you some flexibility and dexterity with the language, as opposed to having to rigidly adhere to preset phrases.

I hope very much that this hasn't been too confusing and should you have any more questions, never hesitate to ask.

   -   Marie-Claire

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