Je ne sais pas beaucoup de français, mais j'aimerais aller à langue de français Meetup. 
Has anyone been to a "meetup" before. Sounds like people really speak French for real. I'm afraid I won't be able to say anything other than my name & what I do for work. Just curious if anyone has had an experience with this as a learner of french.
toru e

toru e

That sounds like a great opportunity! I think you'll find that people will come from all levels, with a number of students. I haven't gone to a French language meetup here, but I have gone to an English language meetup when I was in Marseille last year, and it was fun being able to answer questions about the particularities of (American) English and share my culture too. Meanwhile, I got to ask questions about precisions of usage and recommendations from locals. I still listen to a lot of the bands/artists they recommended.

It's worth trying at least once, maybe you can pick up some tips on websites, or local resources, or other material that you can try.


Merci beaucoup! Je dois être courageux:) 


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