Order of Lessons for new user


I am wondering if everyone uses the order provided by Rocket French - from 1.1 to 1.5 on the Interactive Audio, to 1.6 to 1.15 on the Language & Culture lessons, before moving to Module 2.1 and on. Same question re Survival Kit - has anyone jumped to that Kit and found it help prior to finishing Level 1? I have enjoyed the Interactive Audio but find the Language and Culture lessons more dull and tougher to get through, so I'm wondering if I am better off moving ahead or trying the survival kits. My main objective right now is to speak well and have basic conversations in Paris next month, and I took french for several years in school, so a lot of this is a refresher (but very helpful!) . Thanks for any insight.


I just went in numerical order, realizing that I may never want to go back to a skipped lesson if it looked dull.  But since you are heading to Paris next month, it really makes sense to just focus on the most practical lessons right now.  That way  you can become expert in those basic conversations that are right around the corner! Bonne courage.


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