Pronunciation of en, in, on


Claire's pronunciation of 'en' as in 'bien' sounds different from Paul's. And her pronunciation of 'in' as in 'Mr. Martin' sounds like 'en'. I used to think: en = aun as in 'aunt' in = an as in 'ant' on = on as in 'only' Please clarify. Thanks!


Yes, someone please clarify, I am having the same pronunciation issues and Pam is correct, Paul and Claire pronunciations are different.

toru e

Paul (also Lauren in Premium Plus) definitely speak French with an Anglophone accent which, for lack of a better description, overpronounces/over-enunciates some of those sounds. My suggestion is just to practice the "gist" of the pronunciation without trying to sound exactly like them. You'll find that pronunciation isn't as concrete as it seems. Also, on the pronunciations of 'en', 'in' and 'on', I'd make the 'n' sound more like an 'h' with a trailing/faint (nasalized) 'n'. The 'n' should not be a hard sound at all. Another suggestion is: if you have a spoken phrase generator like iTranslate (for Apple iDevices) or even Google Translate, feed the phrase into the generator and listen to that pronunciation for an alternate/comparative audio source.


Thank you.....I wasn't aware that Google Translate had pronunciation. That is really helping me!

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