Quel choix !



Salut tout le monde,

There is nothing wrong  in the sentences below.

Quel choix ! Je ne sais plus trop. Que me recommandez-vous ?

Yet the Que  rubs me as not quite right, as I would naturally say 

… Quel me recommandez-vous ? 

Because in english it would be natural for me to  say

… which (one) do you recommend ?  Not … what do you recommend?

Am I silly?


Vit Novak



Bonjour Vit,


You are right in thinking that quel means which, but unlike in English it cannot be used by itself. It always needs to be followed by a specified noun. In the above sentence there is no specified noun so we cannot use quel; we have to revert to que, which is perfectly fine in French.


I hope this help!


   -   Mitchell

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