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se promener conjugation



HI, just wondering, why is it that you say "Je me promene" (reflexive) but change to j'aime me promener i.e. the infinitive form in the latter case?

also for "mrs parents preferment se promener dans la foret" 

thank you
toru e

toru e

Hi Kays - I'm not sure I understand the question completely. Do you mean "why the reflexive pronoun remains «me» when it's in the infinitive", or "why the infinitive is used at all"?

If it's the first question:

There is a rule in French that verbs of "preference" don't take on a preposition. So when forming a compound verb structure with one of these verbs (like aimer, détester, préférer, etc.), your structure is just: verb + infinitive:

Ex: J'aime manger des mangues. (I love to eat mangoes).

When using a pronominal verb as the infinitive, the reflexive pronoun still has to agree with the subject (je-me, tu-te, il/elle/on-se, nous-nous, vous-vous, ils/elles-se).

Ex:  Mes parents aiment s'embrasser en public, c'est gênant ! (My parents love to kiss in public, it's embarrassing!)

J'aime me promener. (I love to walk).
Mes parents préfèrent se promener dans la forêt. (My parents prefer to walk in the forest.)

If it's the second question, they mean different things.

Je me promène. => I walk.
J'aime me promener. => I love to walk.



Hi Torusan

merci beaucoup pour votre aide!!! 


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