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Voice recording playback speeds up after around 30 mins of lesson


I am having a problem with my voice recording playback. It starts to get faster and faster until I can't understand it. So I have to stop the lesson and log in again to continue' It is really annoying.


That's strange. I don't have that problem but it would be annoying to me, too.  I'm on a Mac and I'm using Chrome if that makes any difference.


Bonjour à tous!

BarbaraH15, are you still experiencing this problem? Has the problem fixed itself or has changing browsers helped?

   -   Marie-Claire


Probably a little late for my two cents, but I've noticed the same thing with my Japanese course work - but at about 20 minutes. I'm using a Chromebook (Acer CB3-111 with 2Gb of RAM) with Chrome browser (of course!). In addition to speeding up, the recording gets choppy. Don't know what the sample rate is - but it sounds as if every other sample is discarded. If it's a large page things will work for another 10 min or so, then the web page will crash. Reload the page and everything is fine again. It even remembers where I was on the page. And the voice recording sounds fine again. I assume it's some sort of problem related to the small amount of RAM in the chromebook - but it's just a guess.

- Aurora


Salut Aurora,

Thank you very much for your post.

I have checked with our IT team and unfortunately, your assumptions are correct: these sorts of problems are caused by your Chromebook's smaller RAM and its processor.

I'm sorry that in this instance there isn't a solution that we can offer!



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