Vous diriger / Direct you


Can someone explain the meaning of "vous diriger"? I would say it should be "vous dirigez", but in Survival Kit Trains "diriger" is the correct solution. The translation given is "direct you", which is also a mystery in my non-native English comprehension.
Could someone make a full sentence with "vous diriger" so that I can understand what is meant here?

toru e

Yeah, it's a little clunky. I think they were trying to show that even though the reflexive verb se diriger remains in the infinitive, as it is in the case of «Veillez vous diriger», you would still need the pronominal agreement.

And you're right, you can't make a full sentence with just «vous diriger» because it's not a conjugated verb; it would follow the conjugated verb as the infinitive in a sentence. If it were conjugated, then it would be «vous vous dirigez» (you direct yourself).

In the example, «Veillez vous diriger», veillez is the conjugated verb. But because it's the formal imperative of veillir (to guard, watch), the first «vous» is not written, so the «vous» that exists is actually the pronominal.

Ex:  Est-ce que vous pouvez vous diriger à l'autre sortie ? Celle-là est bloquée. (Could you go/direct yourself to the other exit? This one is blocked.)


Thanks torusan. I guessed that there was something missing to make a proper sentence, but having seen the poor translating (i.e. "direct you") I didn't expect the verb to be "se diriger". So thank you for that too!

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