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I thought I read somewhere in the early lessons that there were notes that were included with this program.  

I am a visual learner and cannot remember things that aren't written.  Right now I'm going thru Chap 1 lesson 3 and writing all of the dialog down.  It's very tiresome.  And I do not have time to learn how to write in French.

Is there anything I can use to help?  If not, this method of learning just lost a lot of points with me --




Bonjour DebbieC32,


There is a notes section at the side of each lesson, however that is more for your to add your own notes or understanding to the content.

If you mean that you would rather have a paper version then you can print the lesson. It shouldn't matter which browser you're using but if you press ‘ctrl’ + ‘P’ then you can print out a version of the lesson. 


I hope this helps,


   -   Mitchell

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