1.2 doing coffee


Can you tell me what would be translation for ke liye and lenaa? Thank you very much


I dont know exactly meaning but ke liye, it's like. "to" eksampels: "aap ke liye", means "for you" "mere liye" meens: "for me" lenaa means: "to take" ekampels: app kuch cay leejie. means: please take some tea. ye paise lo. take this money. the difference between "lo" and "leejie" is: if you say: aap(polite) use leejie (please take) and if you say tum(casual) use lo. Hope this help Alexander


Thank you Alexander! I was a bit confused also because i couldnt download the end of the lesson, towards the end they explain that lenaa means to take. I am a beginner in hindi but i have been at leat 15 times to India, but now time has come that i REALLY want to hearn the language, so thanks again for your help!!! Take care Flor


danavaad mujhe points dejiye

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