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"ithanee" ?


I need help with "ithanee" and "paayegee" in: "mujhe naheeM lagathaa ki hamaaree kiraaye kee gaadee ithanee thez jaa paayegee"


I believe "ithanee" is "that" as in "that fast". Is that correct? And for "jaa paayegee", is this "be going" or "can go"? Does the "jaa" mean "go"? What is the "paayegee"? I'm still not clear on "rahee/rahaa". It is added to verbs in the present. That is, something currently happening or being done. Correct? What would "rahee" be translated to in English?




rahi is ..... ing ...... in english


Jaa means go paayegee means can go?


"Paanaa" means "to be able to" when it is used with another verb. So "Kyaa aap jaa paaegee" means "Will you (f) be able to go?"


namaskar danyavaad


मुझे नहीं लगता कि हमारी किराये की गाडी इतनी तेज़ जा पायेगी। I do not think that the rental car will be able to go so fast. "ithanee" translates to "so" or "that" in context of "that fast" or "so fast".

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