Namaskar, kaise hain aap? Nikita


Mey bahut acchii hun, shukriyah, aur aap?


maiM bhee achChee hooAO, aur bathaaiye, kaisee chal rahee hai aapkee hindi paDaaee? ( I too am good, tell me , how do you get along with the Hindi lessons? )


meaning of rahee, chal?


Hi Nitika, I need help as I could not get to hear the audio for my first lesson.


@Siva Are you talking about the "rahee" part in "chal rahee"? rahee is essentially "ing" in English if that is what you are asking, chal rahee is from the base word chalna which means "to move", it is used in many types of phrases, a few useful ones: chale jaana = to go away ... so "chale jaao" = Go away! chale aana = to come away ... chale jaao = Come away! In the above it is used as the sense "How is (whatever it is) going", Much easier than English where we use the same word for a state and an action :)


Namaskaar. Nikita, Kaisee haiM aap?


Where do I start to learn Hindi? I know some basic Nepali. How much Nepali is related to Hindi?


namaskar nikitha.mujhe hindi bathane ke liye words nahi pehachana this correct to tell that "to talk in hindi i don't knw the hindi words".


Well, I am no expert in Hindi... however, the following says "to speak hindi, I dont know the words of Hindi (Hindi's Words)..."hindi bolna mujhe hindi ke word nahi aati hai" or more literally, "to speak hindi, words of hindi dont come to me.... The verb "bathana" means to tell or inform.. However... the sentence seems rather fragmented.. so perhaps... hindi bolna mujhe hindi ke word aane ki zuruut hai. mujhe hindi nahi aati hai. "to speak hindi, Hindi words need to come to me. Hindi words dont come to me" ... For skills etc, hindi uses the verb "aana" - to come. However, keep note, that I am not a native Hindi speaker, and the hardest thing (that i Have found) with languages, is saying a particular thought or idea in that language.. each language has it's own way!


mujhe hindi mai baat karne ke liye , hindi shabdo mujhe nahi aati. to talk in hindi i dont know the hindi words. i am not a native hindi speaker chinku t is my hindi name.

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