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thumhara naam kya hay???????


mera naam Sita hay


Mere naam Divya hai. apka naam kya hai?


I don't understand the spelling of the words in the conversation bit. Why are they spelled differently, and why are letters capitalized?


Hindi doesn't use character like English, and thus doesn't have a definite way of spelling, it is merely a representation of the sounds. The Capitalized letters in this course are to show nasalized sounds (if I remember reading correctly)


i have a question...are there 2 ways to say hello in hindi most people say it is Namaste and some say it is Namaskaar. Which one Namaste or Namaskaar?


Both are correct, its like saying hello or hi in English.


what is perfect meaniing of teakho


teskho mean well


Namaste has a more spiritual/religious meaning. It means "I greet the god in you," a very Hindu thought. Namaskaar is more along the lines of "greetings". Some feel Namaskaar is safer to use when you are not too familiar with the people you are greeting. For instance, Some Indian folks who are Christian or Muslim may not appreciate the Hindu sentiment. Also, in business "greetings" is more appropriate.


Namaskar I am new to Rocket Hindi very excited about learning and i have to will be going to India in January so hope this works!


mera naam ramya.aap ka naam?


mera nam chinku hai. mujhe hindi sikhana cahte hu.apka kaisa chal rahi hai.


Can you tell me what the literal meaning of 'Hai' is? I see it in many conversations but I can't associate it to one particular meaning.


Hi there Tony. I assume you are referencing to the "hai" at the end of sentences. "hai" as written here and spoken without nasal would mean "is" so: mera naam nathan hai - my name IS nathan yah mera kutta hai - it IS my dog yah socta hai - He thinks The first two explain themselves rather easy, but the last one is slightly different as it uses "hai" but we don't use "is" in English to say "I think", but in Hindi there needs to be this "axillary verb" that match with the subject. Hope this helps

LeRoy लेरॉय

Thank you for that explanation. I only started this program a week ago and hai has had me wondering as well.

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