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Rachel Lloyd

Is Namaste hello as well as goodbye?


Namaskar Elijah L I think that Namaskar is used to greet someone and Namaste to say goodbye. Namaste

Rachel Lloyd



Hi Elijah, From my dictionary, the root "namas" for both words means "bowing" or "greeting" and comes from the Sanskrit. Both words can be translated "I bow to you" and are suitable for either "hello" or "goodbye." After reviewing a number of web sites, I see that there may be some more subtle spiritual differences in meaning between the two words, but most sites indicate that they can be used interchangeably as a form of greeting. Bill


Namaste is both hello and goodbye. Namaskar is more polite/respectful form of Namaste.


i believe that namaste can mean many things, such as hello, goodbye, good morning and good evening...


i think namaste and namaskar both mean hello goodbye ect but alvida sounds better or ram ram for goodbye


shubh dhin


Hi Davit Iskandaryan, I would like to reply to your commend: शुभ śubh = auspicious दिन din= day शुभ दिन śubh din = good day. dhin is an incorrect transliteration. Din is a correct transliteration. You'll see both spelling in the lessions. द = d in latin alphabet. dental d without an h sound or unaspirated. If we transliterate dhin back into Hindi, it would be धिन not दिन. namaste, namaskār and phir milēge can be used for goodbye. Thank you for sharing on Forum. Have fun learning Hindi! John

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