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The use of 'Usane' and 'Unhonne'




I'm confused as to when I should use 'Usane' instead of 'Vaha' when referring to he or she.   And also when do I use 'Unhonne' instead of 'they'. 

Thank you
Gaurav (Rocket Hindi Tutor)

Gaurav (Rocket Hindi Tutor)

Hi Mary,
Us-ne is used for past tense. Vah/Vo (he/she/it/that) can be used in any tense. Us part of Usne means he/she and ne has implied meaning 'by' (in the past). It's a post position which is not comparable to anything in English as far as I remember. 
Usane kaha (he/she told) (kahana = tell, speak, kaha = told, spoke)
Usane dekha (he/she saw)

Unhonne can be used as both singular and plural. Sometimes it's used to show respect. For example if I am talking about my uncle then it is more respectful to say "Unhonne kaha" rather saying "usane kaha."


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