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Use of 'वे' 'उसने' 'उन्होंने'


I am new here, but I see that your question has not been answered. Are you still looking for an answer?


Thats an excellent question.  A lot of students often feel stuck at this point.

वो is used to denote either he/she or a thing. This depends upon how it is used. 

उसने is used to say He/She. For eg. उसने ख़ाना ख़ालिया (He/She has eaten food)

'उन्होंने' is used instead of उसने when the speaker desires to show respect or deference. This is usually used to formally refer to someone. This is typically someone older than us, or higher up in the social hierarchy. So if you wish to refer to someone's parents, use 'उन्होंने' rather than उसने as it would otherwise be viewed as you being disrespectful. 


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