Virtual keyboard


Namaskaar Nikita, I am writing from Turkey and very happy to participate learning Hindi. My question is about the virtual keyboard for Hindi letters if there is one which can be downloadable from internet. Thank you.


hai good evening




hello this is Mastan Babu


namaste! You can use google translate and select hindi in source (and therefore english in translation or turkish if you want) and write phonetically. Exemple,if i write " apkaa swaagath hain!'',then I get : आपका स्वागत हैं! And I have only copy it to put it on this page...simple and practical. शुभ संध्या !


mubarak devanavari par likhana. mai nahi kar sakte.


नमस्ते Namaste Ramazan, Here is the link for Devanagari virtual keyboard: I hope you will like it. Have fun learning Hindi. शुभ दिन shubh din!


धन्यवाद John H8! great link!


नमस्ते सत्प - Namaste Satya71 I am glad you like the link. शुभ दिन shubh din!


Hi John Dont mind but you have written "Satya" wrongly ( could be a typo), its written as सत्य (Satya) some people pronounce the 'a' at the end and some dont. धन्यवाद

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