"Abita" vs "Abiti"




to ask a person "where do you (female) live?", is it right to say 
1) Dove abiti?
2) Dove abita?

I understand that the verb of "to live" is "abitare", so this verb belongs to the 1st conjugation. Therefore, according to the rules of 1st conjugation, You (Tu) should be paired with the verb ending "-a". However, I have come across certain sources that use ​"abiti" instead of "abita" and i do not understand the rationale of it. I would appreciate an explanation.

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Rachelyeo,

Dove abita? is the formal translation of Where do you live?. This means that you'll use it when talking to an adult who you don't know well, or someone you have to show respect to, such as your boss at work if they don't tell you otherwise. This form uses Lei as a subject.
Dove abiti? this is the informal form and uses tu as a subject. You can use it when talking to your relatives, to a friend, to a young kid, to someone you know well and has given you the permission to use this form.

Verbs after tu end in -i, not -a. The -a ending is typical of the third singular person, lui/lei/Lei.
Tu abiti, lui/lei abita.

Hope this helps!


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