Bene, bravo, buono, bene

Signor Riccardo

Signor Riccardo

Is there a section in Rocket Italian that specifically deals focuses on all these adjectives?


Hi Signor Riccardo, 

Thanks for your question!

The main section dedicated to adjectives is 4.6 but unfortunately, it does not include the adjectives you mentioned. Kindly note that "bene" is an adverb".

For a slightly more detailed explanation of "bravo" and "buono" see below:

"bravo" and "buono" sometimes may overlap in terms of meaning but, generally, "bravo" refers to "manners/behaviour/ability" while "buono" refers to quality.

The adjectives "bravo" and "buono" change accordingly with the gender and number (as most adjectives do), for example:
  • bravo/buono = used with a singular masculine noun
e.g. Roberto è un bravo ragazzo (Roberto is a nice boy)
e.g. Questo succo è buono (this juice is good/tasty)
  • brava/buona = used with a singular feminine noun
e.g. Maria è una brava ragazza (Maria is a nice girl)
e.g. La mia pizza è buona (My pizza is good/tasty)
  • bravi/buoni = used with a plural masculine nouns
e.g. Gli studenti sono bravi a matematica (The students are good/capable at maths )
e.g. Questi stivali sono buoni (These boots are good/high quality)
  • brave/buone =used with a plural feminine nouns
e.g. Le ragazze sono brave a cantare (The girls are good/capable at singing)
e.g. Il supermercato ha tante offerte buone (The supermarket has many good offers)

Hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions and I will be very happy to help :)
Signor Riccardo

Signor Riccardo

Grazie mille. 


Hi Caterina

Thank you has made things much clearer. Was getting confused with the use of these.

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