I need a Recommendation


Ciao a tutti, hai una domanda!!! 

Does any of you know a  good italian book that a beginner learner of italian language can read? I wanna see how much I can understand if I read one of those books, dunno if any of you could help but I would appreciate it cuz I'm a bit confused about it, thanks in advance. :)



I have wondered the same myself and never found a really good one. I have quite a good Penguin dual text book in both English and Italian but it's hard work. Almost everything else is either too advanced or too childlike. 

I tend to to read blogs as they're written in more conversational Italian and I also use News in Slow Italian in which the language is quite advanced, but you can follow along while they talk. 



Have a look for some Italian reader books for beginners. You should find websites, books and ebooks.

I struggle with the vocab but it is helping.

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

When I was a kid, there was this publisher's series called Il battello a vapore ("The steamboat") with a huge selection of books for primary and middle school children. The series is still alive to this day (here's its official website: http://www.battelloavapore.it/), and some of them are not too childish. Here's the series catalogue: http://contenuti.edizpiemme.it/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/catalogo-bav-2016-1.pdf
See if you can understand what the synopsises say!




Questo e' un buon libro! 


Only £1.99 for a Kindle edition on Amazon. It has the Italian with the English below each sentence so great for beginners. 



Hi Ben,

That looks pretty good. What level is the language at? I have a couple of parallel texts but, even though it is very helpful, the language is way too advanced for my level.



Hi Drew,

Sorry I didn't see your reply, it mentions you'll get an email if someone replies but never saw one. 

The level is certainly pretty advanced but I'm a beginner as well and just read it to help with my learning in general. I just use it to try and understand the Italian and pick out a few words, then look at the english below to see how I got on. I certainly don't understand all of it but it's still good practice. If you find any better books for beginners please do let me know. 



Hi Ben,

Good suggestion and the fact that you can have a sample sent to your Kindle to check out if it is what you want is good.


I don't have a book but I have an idea. I picked up Golf Digest (I like golf) in Italian while I was in Italy and the articles are exactly the same, just in Italian. So I got a copy of the same month in English and I was able to wade my way through, referring to the English when I got stuck. It was nice reading about something I'm interested in. 


If you do a search of Italian newspapers you can pick some online newspapers to read in Italian. There are a number of them to choose from, so pick a topic that suits you for that particular day.



Voglio leggere questo:

"Il Mistero Della Vacca Intera" 

L'autore, Dario Cecchini  (aka Mac Dario), e un macellaio a Panzano in Chianti.

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