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Hi All

Was watching a YouTube video for some lovely pastry. The guy was speaking really fast, but could pick up some of the words. Then he used a word I am familiar with, but could not remember the meaning. Frustrating at best. Well I digress. Have been concentrating on my German, but realized am not doing nearly enough Italian to actually feel comfortable with the language, as in pronunciation and remembering vocabulary. I will have to up my game, as it is quite scary how quickly one forgets what one has learned. 





Hi Sebongela

My favourite example of that was when as a primary school student in Los Angeles, I needed to have a paragraph translated into German.  A family friend was German, having left Germany as a GI bride, and at the time I spoke with her, had lived in the States for 20 years.  She was unable to translate ⅓ to ½ of the paragraph, saying she had forgotten much of her German, not having anyone to speak it with.  I was amazed.  

Just goes to show.

A presto





Ciao Sebongela,


It's understandable to feel frustrated when you encounter a word you're familiar with but can't remember the meaning. Language learning can indeed be a challenging process, and sometimes words slip our mind temporarily. However, don't worry too much, as it's a common experience for language learners.


It's great that you've recognized the need to prioritize more time and effort for Italian to feel comfortable with the language. Consistency and regular practice are key in language learning to maintain and improve your skills. Even dedicating a little time each day to Italian can make a significant difference.


To work on your pronunciation and vocabulary retention, you can engage in various activities such as listening to Italian podcasts or music, watching Italian movies or TV shows with subtitles, practicing speaking with language exchange partners or tutors, and using language learning apps or websites that offer interactive exercises.


Reviewing previously learned material and actively incorporating Italian into your daily life, even through simple actions like labeling objects in your surroundings with their Italian names, can also reinforce your language skills.


Remember that language learning is a continuous journey, and it's natural to forget certain things over time. The key is to stay motivated, be consistent, and enjoy the process. With regular practice and exposure, you'll regain and build upon what you've learned before.


Don't be discouraged, Maxie! You have the motivation and awareness to improve your Italian skills. Keep up the good work, and if you ever need any specific language assistance or guidance, feel free to reach out. Buon proseguimento!

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