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I can't find my previous post but thought it worth highlighting this forum to exchange messages in as much Italian (and English) as you feel comfortable:

It might seem daunting at first, but is a great way to learn.




Hi Chris

Have just come home from Germany. Had a great holiday with 4 adult children and one of the boyfriends in tow too. Luckily he is a lovely person and fits in with the family. 

Wanted to share with you my language experience. Speaking German was just amazing. I could not believe how comfortable I was conversing. General conversations, asking for directions, ordering food. Rocket and Coffee Break prepared me well for most situations.


Strangely I preferred interacting with someone who did not speak any English. That way I really had to think hard to be able to express myself.  I came to the conclusion that even though my grammar was not always spot on, vocabulary was everything. Have realized I have to expand on that and refine grammar points. 


I am going to miss speaking German terribly, was so empowering to realize the effort I put in has been worthwhile and has spurred me on to work harder at my languages. I now feel fairly certain that if I had to go to Italy I would manage well too. Spanish is still pretty basic and need to work on that. 


Signed up for Seedlang. Get it free for 2 weeks and then can cancel. So am trying it out. Good for vocabulary. 


Have a good weekend




Hi Sharon


Well done on a great family trip and for your success in speaking German successfully.  You have proved the theory that frequent practice using key resources works!

You can rest assured that if you speak online with a native German, you can keep it going.  i have a wonderful Italian exchange partner who used to be a iTalki tutor, but is now focusing on her multiple languages learning.  The only time my Italian falters is when I allow myself to think I'm having an off day.  Otherwise, as you say, speaking in a foreign language is a great morale booster.  I thoroughly enjoy it, as all the hard work pays off.  As you say, I worry less about the grammar when speaking, as communicating effectively actually works!

Anyway, well done once again, and enjoy your return home.

All the best





Thank you for sharing the Italian Duo forum! It's great to have additional resources for language learners to practice and exchange messages in Italian. Forums can be valuable platforms for interacting with other learners and native speakers, as well as finding support and guidance along the language learning journey.


Engaging in conversations and discussions in Italian, whether through forums, language exchange platforms, or other online communities, is indeed a fantastic way to improve your language skills and gain confidence in using the language.


In addition to the Italian Duo forum, I also encourage language learners to utilize resources like the forum at, as you mentioned. Online language forums provide a space for learners to connect, ask questions, share experiences, and receive guidance from experts and fellow learners.


So, for anyone seeking opportunities to practice and learn Italian in a supportive and interactive environment, exploring forums and participating actively can be a beneficial step in their language learning process.


Thank you for highlighting this resource, and I hope it proves helpful to those seeking additional opportunities to engage in Italian language discussions.


Buon apprendimento!

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