Italian grammar epiphany



Ciao a tutti

Am still trying to get through indirect objects on level one. Frustrating to say the least. I have decided to just have fun with this and am not going to get uptight about the grammar side of things. My main goal is to speak it. Having learnt Portuguese as a small girl, don't speak grammatically correctly. At the end of the day, could go to any Portuguese country and have most conversations. 

My main goal is to be able to get around Italy and be able to read instructions and ask for things. When I was travelling in Germany, could ask for a meal a room etc. Even if it wasn't quite up to snuff could make myself understood. Most people spoke English, but not in the out of the way places. If it came out a bit wrong, didn't really matter. 

I homeschooled 4 kids. At first started in a typical formal classroom format. Had a mutiny on my hands. We never had very formal lessons after that except maths. Somehow we muddled through. They were all avid readers and somewhere along the line, they learned to spell and grammar etc. So I am going to take this approach with Italian.


Am still going to do the grammar sentences, for pronunciation and flow, but am not going to stress too much about understanding it all. In theory it should all gel together eventually

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