Movie recommendation


For practice (and to see a very good film) try looking up Il Giovane Favoloso on Netflix. It's an elegant biopic about the poet Giacomo Leopardi. The great thing is that you can choose from English and Italian subtitles. I would recommend watching three times: first with English subs, then with Italian subs, and finally with no subs at all. Really helps with comprehension.


"Pranzo di Ferragosto" is another good entertaining one from Amazon prime


Charming film. Thanks for the rec.


I am a beginner and I'll check it out, thanks


Thanks for the rec.  I'll check it out.


Life is Beautiful  is also on Prime.  Loved it!


I have signed into my Netflix account and cannot access either of the suggested movies.  What am I doing wrong?  Is it because I am trying on my PC rather than on my TV?
​I am anxious to see a movie to find out if I can follow the story.


Hi everyone, 

some lovely suggestions here, thank you all! Another tip could be to watch a movie in Italian with Italian subtitles. That really helps while learning a new language and will surely boost your skills! :-)

I look forward to seeing this movie list grow!


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