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Movie recommendation


For practice (and to see a very good film) try looking up Il Giovane Favoloso on Netflix. It's an elegant biopic about the poet Giacomo Leopardi. The great thing is that you can choose from English and Italian subtitles. I would recommend watching three times: first with English subs, then with Italian subs, and finally with no subs at all. Really helps with comprehension.


"Pranzo di Ferragosto" is another good entertaining one from Amazon prime


Charming film. Thanks for the rec.


I am a beginner and I'll check it out, thanks


Thanks for the rec.  I'll check it out.


Life is Beautiful  is also on Prime.  Loved it!


I have signed into my Netflix account and cannot access either of the suggested movies.  What am I doing wrong?  Is it because I am trying on my PC rather than on my TV?
​I am anxious to see a movie to find out if I can follow the story.


Hi everyone, 

some lovely suggestions here, thank you all! Another tip could be to watch a movie in Italian with Italian subtitles. That really helps while learning a new language and will surely boost your skills! :-)

I look forward to seeing this movie list grow!



For a good laugh try Benvenuti al Sud and Benvenuti al Nord. For something a little more serious try cinema al paridiso, the directors cut which is about 3 hours long.


For something a little attached to Italian history try il postino.


For those looking for comic movies,  check out the trio "Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo" and their movies, like "Tre uomini e una gamba" or "Chiedimi se sono felice" ...I find them hilarious!

For those looking for something slightly more advanced, you could try “La Grande Bellezza” (“The Great Beauty”), where the main character uses long dialogues and more complex vocabulary. 



Thank you I will check out these recommendations.

Every little bit helps.


My Brilliant Friend
Intense, gritty, fabulous adaption of Book 1, Neapolitan novels by Elena Ferrante
available from Netflix
Italian with English or Spanish subtitles


Thank you I will take a look at this on Netflix and perhaps if necessary buy the DVD. I have also been recommended this book but in English. 


Not movies as such, but I do enjoy the Inspector Montalbano series.  I definitely need the subtitles though, but try to pick out as much as I can!
Just for interest, since it's set in Sicily, does the dialect differ from the mainland significanlty, or should it be more or less the same?


I do not know about the dialect and will leave that to the Tutors to reply to. As for the Montelbano series', I totally agree they are both serious police dramas delivered in a relaxed and non-violent way but laced with humour.  I bought the box set from Amazon and watch them occasionally (with the sub titles).


Also, check out  "Maltese-Romanzo del commissario" was a good series on Channel 4 (UK). Produced by the Italian TV channel RAI about a Sicilian detective investigating the Mafia. Along the similar as lines as Montelbano (including "Giovane Montelbano") but a little more serious.


Thanks for those replies Gerry. I'll keep my eyes out in case they repeat the Maltese-Romanzo one, & check if it's on All4 or anywhere.


Peter, I am not sure if you are able to use it as it may be subject to geolocation but this is the link to the Italian TV station RAI that is one of the main stations in Italy:

Give it a go because if you can gain access it is, quite obviously, full of Italian programmes and movies.


Hi Peter, 
Great advice! I personally love Montalbano (it's very popular in Italy). It is important to take into consideration that the dialect used indeed differs from standard Italian but it should not be too challenging (I would not say it's suitable for beginners though). The books, on the contrary, use a more complex language.

Craig Murphy

Apologies if this has been posted already.  

I have been using Language Learning with Netflix - a Chrome extension - it provides access to dual subtitles in many Netflix offerings.  It also offers a list of subtitles that are about to appear.  It is very immersive, having both Italian and English subtitles and hearing the language is a real boon!

They offer a list of Italian content, which may vary by region:


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