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P. 26 of Primer Curso spells the number 25: veinticinco, but p. 63 of conversation course spells it: veinte y cinco. Are they both right? Gracias por su ayuda. Claude


The numbers 16-19 and 21-29 have the two different spellings and both are correct. However, they are both pronounced the same... as one word with the i pronounced like our ee. So even if you see the spelling veinte y cinco you don't pronounce it as you see it. Also, the numbers above 30 are spelled as 3 words, but never pronounced as they are read. For example, cuarenta y cinco is pronounced with the _ay_ combination to sound like the i in the english word _like_.


a spanish speaking teacher in the school where i work sometimes pronounces it as cuarentiecinco ( ie from thief ) ( kwarentiesingko ) He is from mexico

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