Practice in oral conversation


Any ideas in how to further practice speaking the Italian language I am learning. The written parts are easier than  the speaking. Any suggestions?


Ciao J,

at the beginning of the learning process we will recommend to practice with the play roles that you will find included in your course.
Once you get familiar with the language, you will be ready to immerse yourself in a full conversation.
I hope this helps.



I wasn't doing the conversations at the beginning, and just going straight to the Say it test. Then, I gave them a try, and found them to be so very  helpful. Do them a few times, and you'll see how easier is gets every time you do them.



Finding the conversation role plays really useful to help get to grips with the language, and feeling more confident as I practice.  Need to find a new Italian friend now!


Find a friend and teach him or her what you have learned! You will speak in Italian and hone your pronunciation and memory skills. AND you'll teach your partner Italian! Before you know it, the two of you could be learning and practicing and getting really proficient.

I'm teaching my fiancé everything I'm learning so when we run off to Positano to get married in May, we'll both be better equipped to enjoy everything.

– Blake 


Hallo italian learners! Why we don't start a group on skype to practice speaking using lessons we have learnd?  Sto studiano l'italiano da sei mesi, parlo un po'. Appeno ho finito Premium Plus level 2. Il mio indirizo su skype is tatlei99 . Ci parliamo!!! :)


Sto studiare per sei mese anche io. Come vai? Io posso leggere molto ma scrivere meno, e parlare davvero male. Un skype gruppo è un (una?) grande idea. :)

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