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I cannot playback my voice record in the tests. I used to be able to, but not now. I have updated google chrome.


The latest version of Chrome appears to have nerfed self audio playback and tutor audio playback for me.  Short audio clips play occasionally, and randomly.  Longer clips don't play at all.  The button dialog works, the points for playback are counted, but no sound.  

Chrome version  60.0.3112.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Would like to update previous post - the playback problem appears to resolve itself...one audio clip at a time....upon recording through voice recognition.  I've tried quite a few now, and playback does not occur unless the recording has been done first.  Once recording is done, playback is enabled, and has so far remained enabled.

Curious addendum - tried reloading the page, and all audio was again disabled.  This time, recording a single item engaged playback for all clips, including the long clip at the top (Survival Kit - Numbers/Time, Module 4 Level 1)


Thank you for your work on correcting the recording problem - the problem seems to be completely gone on the website, though the app is still having recording trouble.  

On a related issue, I'm not sure if this was part of the update that was pushed to correct the issue, but the voice recognition is responding much more quickly - in most cases appropriately, but I have been able to generate full recognition responses despite purposely stopping several phonemes short of the end of a phrase.  Is it possible the update has increased response time by reacting before the voice input is complete?  With conjugation and agreement being so prevalent in Italian, that seems to me like it risks creating a fair number of false positives.

Thanks for your help!


Hi BoyWhoAsksWhyNot, 

Thanks for your feedback, the issue seems to have been fixed now, are you still experiencing it?


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