Forum Rocket Italian Conversation in Italian When do we use "we are", noi siamo?

When do we use "we are", noi siamo?



We are is "noi siamo"  But it seams it is not used in many phrases like "we are hungry."  Instead abbiamo is used.  I think it men we have the hunger.  How to know when to use the proper wording?


Hi David 

I am also an Italian student, and often run into questions of my own. I don't know at what level you are, but from what I have learned in this course, in Italian, some times some verbs are used as compound verbs. These verbs are formed by adding either Essere or Avere, depending on the function of the verb, and in  whether the action has been completed or not.

You can learn more about this by looking into the Perfect Present Tense in Lesson 4.8. You can also learn more about Avere and Essere in Lesson 2.7.

I hope this helps you until Maria, or somebody else comes and explains it in more detail for you.



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