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How can I say this in Japanese language '' Hello , My name is Ashish Khadka . I am from Balaju- 16 Kathmandu . I am student studying in Tri-chandra college which is located in Ghantaghar ,Ranipokhari .''


For "Hello" you would use one of the following: "Ohayo gozai masu" if it's in the morning (before 11 am), "Konnichiwa" in the afternoon, "Konbanwa" in the evening. And for "My name is Ashish", you would say "Watashi no namae wa Ashish desu". I don't know if you would use your full name or not with that introduction, or if there's a different one you use for full names, I'm just using the introduction from the first lesson. Hope this was helpful.


Ashish K11さん、 I've copied my response to your question here as well. Ashish K11 さん、 こんにちは! You can introduce yourself in Japanese in the following way; こんにちは。ぼくは アシシュ カッかです。バラジュ16かシュマンジュに住(す)んでいます。ガンタガ、ラニポカリにあるチュリチャンジュラ 大学(だいがく)で勉強(べんきょう)している大学生(がくせい)です。よろしくお願(ねが)いします。 =Hello. I am Ashish Khadka. I live in Balaju-16, Kathmandu. I am a student studying at Trin-chandra college, located in Ghadtaghar, Ranipokhari. Nice to meet you (*Actual meaning is close to=Please take good care of me). Hope this helps! Lisa

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