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How can I say this in Japanese language '' Hello , My name is Ashish Khadka . I am from Balaju- 16 Kathmandu . I am student studying in Tri-chandra college which is located in Ghantaghar ,Ranipokhari .''


Ashish K11 さん、 こんにちは! You can introduce yourself in Japanese in the following way; こんにちは。ぼくは アシシュ カッかです。バラジュ16かシュマンジュに住(す)んでいます。ガンタガ、ラニポカリにあるチュリチャンジュラ 大学(だいがく)で勉強(べんきょう)している大学生(がくせい)です。よろしくお願(ねが)いします。 =Hello. I am Ashish Khadka. I live in Balaju-16, Kathmandu. I am a student studying at Trin-chandra college, located in Ghadtaghar, Ranipokhari. Nice to meet you (*Actual meaning is close to=Please take good care of me). Hope this helps! Lisa

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