Forum Rocket Japanese Conversation in Japanese Any JLPT aspirants here on RJ or may be already certified ones ?

Any JLPT aspirants here on RJ or may be already certified ones ?


Hello Everyone, I understand and believe that learning is an eternal, everlasting journey especially when you are trying to learn a language. I would like to get in touch with JLPT aspirants using RJ or even those who are already certified..I think we should get to know about each other's experiences and journey for the preparation of these tests.


Hi, I am JLPT N3 certified :). You can find me on google+ ( ) or on facebook ( ). I'm in a very hard exam period this month, but I'm free to chat starting from august :).


I understand, thanks for getting in touch. I have already added you. Please go through my facebook page: My e-mail is: [email protected]


Hi, I am aiming to take JLPT N5 this July (2014) and if all goes well I may try for N4 in December. I think moving on to N3 and above will take a lot longer but I may go for them [I am not sure I will be able to learn all the kanji required for 3 and above]. I am using RJ as one of my methods of studying towards the tests. Does anyone know how much of RJ I will need to know before doing N5 and then N4?


Hi, I have to admit I didn't think about taking the JLPT, but as I looked more into it, I was encouraged to do so. I plan to take JLPT N5 sometime next year, probably May 2015. After that, I'm not sure where my plans will take me.


Hello, I am just curious. When we finish all the three courses of Rocket Japanese, are we ready to take the JLPT examination? What level of JLPT is equivalent to RJ Platinum level?


Have anyone taken JLPT exam in this forum? I would like to know if we are ready to take the exam after finishing the RJ Platinum course. Thank you.


Hi, I did JLPT N5 in July (and easily passed it) and plan to do N4 in December. I am quite new to RJ and so have not completed RJ Premium yet. However, in addition to RJ, I used materials specifically designed for the JLPT. This has slowed my progress through the RJ lessons but I feel it was very helpful using specifically designed materials when preparing for the test. This was to make sure I was learning the specific items I needed. For example, the kanji I am learning in the early lessons here do not necessarily match those I needed for the JLPT N5. In my opinion, RJ is not meant as a preparatory course for the JLPT and because of that, it is very difficult to say how far you need to go in RJ to be ready for a specific JLPT level. If you want to take the test, I would suggest to go to the Japan Foundation official website and there you can try sample questions for each level to see if you are ready for any of the tests yet. If you do want to take the test, I think it is best to combine RJ with specifically designed course material. One last point, you need to consider why you want to take the JLPT. I am doing it for my own satisfaction. However, if you need to take the test in order to get a job or go to university in Japan, the lower levels are completely useless - you will need to pass N2 as a minimum and I have no idea if RJ Platinum will prepare you for that - I am after all, still working on RJ Premium and studying towards N4!!


マイクさん、I have just registered for the JLPT N3 this December. For the preparation of the examination, I have purchased some JLPT N3 specific books from the Amazon. Yes, anyone who intends to study or to work in Japan must pass at least N2 but I would say N1 is preferred.


Thanks for putting up a nice discussion on this thread. I really appreciate the kind sharing of experiences and thoughts that everyone is putting. 1) As for an update, I had discussed about the RJ's compatibility with the certification test (JLPT) with the RJ team, when I was purchasing it. They had clearly told me that "this course is not designed for the JLPT, which needs more test-specific and focused preparation. There is no one-to-one comparison. However, anyone should feel comfortable with the preparation of JLPT, as they follow RJ and master the premium level of this course. The purpose of RJ is to make Japanese learning more fun, which is why there are so many sections on Japanese Culture and practices. 2) As for the level, anyone expecting to live in Japan and work there is expected to be N2 certified. That is the least. However, I have met so many people who were not from Japan(more specifically they were from Taiwan),, who were N1 certified and they told me that sometimes even after passing N1, they had to sometimes figure out the meaning of some phrases which is a part of common conversation(especially slangs). I have had this conversation with the people on more than one occasion(at least two), when I was in Japan in a small get-together with the Japanese team I work with. It is to be noted that Taiwanese script of Mandarin(language in Taiwan) is exactly similar to Kanji and even the meaning is same, except for occasional differences. So my conclusion was that for JLPT and more specifically we will have to make more of our own efforts.


I knew some folks who were very good in Japanese but struggled at the N2 and N1 level. One in particular was fluent enough to conduct all business negotiations in Japanese and had done some years of high school in Japan. Despite more than one attempt, N1 was a bridge too far. It really requires very special preparation and I think is outside the scope of RJ.


I have written JLPT N4 this time and failed by 9 marks. This time i need to be serious and I need to concentrate more on spoken so that that would increase my job prospects as well.



Hi, I passed JLPT N3 last December and am planning to take the N2 this December. I have studied Japanese in RJ for the past 2 years. It gave me a broad learning experience of Japanese but it is not tailored for the JLPT. For JLPT preparation, I spent at least 2-3 hours a day going through additional JLPT materials. In addition, I have also engaged a Japanese teacher for private lessons twice a week via Skype.



I really want to do the test by maybe July or December. I am not sure how well I will do yet as I still am struggling with complex lengthy sentences.


Yes, I'm aspiring to take the JLPT tests someday! I was sad when I realized that RJ didn't have many resources for the JLPT testing and didn't plan on adding any new content to the Japanese courses but I have found many other sites for such.

I know this thread is super old but figured I'd put my input in anyway >3< If any of you ever want to chat about the language feel free to add me on skype! (just look up Pocketstash).

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