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Clarification on sentences that mix informal and formal verbs


はい。はいる の に おかね は いります か?
Yes. Does it cost money [do I need money] to get in?

For this sentence, it looks like the verb "to enter" is in the informal form (はいる as opposed to 入ります--the former being informal, the latter being formal). However, the verb "to need" / "costs" is in the formal -masu form (いります). As such, I was wondering why there are two different verb forms in one sentence. In other words, is this sentence (as a whole) formal or informal?

The following sentence would be grammatically incorrect, right? 


It definitely looks incorrect, but I would appreciate someone clarifying why. :) 

Thank you!

toru e

の is being used to transform a verb (short form) to a noun. So in this case, 入る is not being used as verb, but rather, 「入るの」functions as a noun like "the act of entering". The only verb in the sentence is near the end (いります). Also, the formality is based on the verb (at the end), so it's polite.


Nevermind, wrong thread.

eta: but this is an interesting grammar point, I hope I can find this thread when I reach the related lesson.


You will understand it better when you get to the lessons that use koto after the verb. If you can find these lessons then it will become clearer.

But as above no it is not correct to use hairimasu


Thanks for your help, everyone! This link: gives some more examples of what toru e describes. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Also, just for reference, this sentence is from Lesson 3.3: At the Night Club.


Ah yes, module 3. That inspired this post of mine:

But thanks for providing the specific module number. It's high time I reviewed it and the accompanying Language & Culture lesson 3.7.

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