Difficulties in accent.


Hi,everyone.I am from Bosnia,and I have a hard time pronouncing in the lessons.By that I mean I cannot match my accent even close to that of the teacher.So is there anyone with tips on how do I make my accent better.Sincerely thanks.


Hi, Fahrudin. I learn how to pronounce Japanese words by watching a lot of Japanese dorama and TV shows. I think when I am exposed to the language more, it is also easier to pronounce the words. I also chat with my Japanese friend in Japanese as much as possible. Hope this can help. Good luck ^^


Fahrudinさん! こんにちは!The best way to improve your pronunciation when learning a new language is practice practice practice! As Stellaさん suggested, it's good to expose yourself to the proper pronunciations by native speakers. Listen to the recordings and repeat 5~10 times for each and also making a Japanese friend would help a lot, too! Just be careful when using dramas and tv shows as guides- usually they'll speak in normal tone so it's fine but sometimes they may exaggerate the intonation (especially animes) so if possible use the proper language recordings when you first start out! 頑張って下さいね。

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