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Drink something hot


I am brand new to this series and learning Japanese, so please be patient. I was wondering about this lesson, PRACTICE could I have something hot to drink? nanika atatakai nomi mono o kudasai. なに か あたたかい のみ もの を ください。 I translate this as: something warm (hot) drink ONE please Wouldn't ir be..... nanika atatakai nomitai desu o kudasai?


hello. Nope, the sentence is correct as it is in the transcript. *nanika - something *atatakai - hot/warm *nomi - drink (dictionary form: nomu) *mono - thing => nomi mono = something to drink *o (actually wo in hiragana - を -> direct object particle) *kudasai (dictionary form: kudasaru) - please What you said is actually quite incorrect because by saying: "nanika atatakai nomitai (desu)", you're already stating the you WANT to drink sth hot, "o" doesn't mark any direct object anymore and kudasai has absolutely no value here because the statement "nomitai" (want to drink) is really strong and can't be used with "please".


Michaelさん、 こんにちは。 In the sentence: 何かあたたかい飲み物をください。 The 飲み物 is a noun form, meaning something to drink.The rule of thumb is, the word preceding the particle を has to be a noun. Also in the above sentence, as you're requesting something (ください) it follows that it should be a noun. In the sentence you gave: 何かあたたかい飲みたいですをください。  何かあたたかい (correct) 飲みたいですをください (incorrect) Here you have 2 sentences mixed together (です+をください). The です marks the end of the sentence and therefore, you can't add anything after. As mentioned above をください requires the word before it to be a noun. あれをください  Please give me that one. If you wanted to use 飲みたい you can say: 何かあたたかいのが飲みたい(です). お茶をください。 I want to drink something hot. Please give me some tea. (The "の" makes the word "warm" into a noun, something warm. This is colloquial.) Hope this helps!

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