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Although I am JLPT N3 certified, I still find it difficult  to speak in simple Japanese. One of the reasons is that there is no opportunity for me to speak in the language. RJ is a good place to learn to speak Japanese but it is not enough.

Lately, I have tried to learn to speak to Siri of my iPhone in Japanese. If Siri can understand and respond to your question, then I think you are in the right track. For a start, I would suggest that you write your questions down on paper first and then ask Siri to respond. You will need a lot of patience to speak to Siri initially.

One of the advantages of using Siri is that both Siri and your spoken words are shown on iPhone screen in real time. You can identify your mistake immediately. If you cannot understand what Siri say, you can see the words displayed on screen. 

More importantly, you don't feel ashamed of making mistakes in front of Siri and Siri is always available at your service. You just need to speak slowly and accurately for Siri to understand you. Have fun with Siri in Japanese! 

Nick Hoyt

Nick Hoyt

Oh man, what a great idea! I never even thought of using Siri for this. Thanks for the tip!

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