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Having troubles learning.


I've always been interested in the Japanese culture, and always wanted to learn to speak japanese. I finally get the oportunity, and I'm worried that I bit off more than I can chew. When I did the trial, I thought I was learning. Now, I realise I'm not learning anything. I'm learning the phrases, but not the indivisual words, and it's very difficult decoding and writing down the hiragana and katakana. Everything is so overwhelming and it's even making me loose interest. I don't want to give up, so does anyone have any tips on any of this stuff, or any words of incouragment? Thanks bunches. -Hailey


Hi! First you can always buy the book: an intergrated course in elementary japanese genki very good book and it learn you a decent of words and some chapters dialoug where you read a conversation. advice is: when you learn a sentence, dont just learn it and dont understand what the words in it means or form they are in, search for the grammer they are written in, so that you can understand what is written and sayed. hiraga and katana can take some time too learn, be patient and take day for day, you have plenty of time too practise and learn. if you want help you can always have a private tutor, is a very good site where you can have a teacher by skype, who can guide you. i hope this help and good luck with your study. Robin


Hello Hailey M, Welcome to the first roadblock in self-teaching yourself a language. This time period is what normally stops a lot of beginning language learners from going on to fully enabling themselves to becoming true masters of the language they are working on. I have been self-teaching myself using a variety of sources, one of which being Rocket Japanese, and I can tell you that even if you aren't sure whether or not you are learning, you are learning. However, one thing you need to just keep in mind is that it won't always be visible to you. Just keep going and eventually, whether it be from an anime clip you watch, or it be a sudden ability to understand a lot more on TV, or something else that involves Japanese... you'll randomly notice you understand a lot more than you used to. Right now, your in a tough spot, you may not feel like you are learning a lot, but ever so you actually are learning a lot. Just keep going and eventually something will show that you are getting better and reignite that learning passion you started off so greatly with. I know this feeling from experience from when I began as a Japanese learner and well now I'm starting to get on into more difficult and advanced topics. Hopefully I can end up going to college in Japan, but I have to study hard and keep going. Truthfully, the biggest thing you just need to do is keep going and the hard work will show itself in a matter of time.


Hailey-san konnichiwa, Learning a language is a challenge - but don't give up! What is it that drew you to the Japanese culture? Why did you want to speak Japanese? I believe that once you can grasp what it was that attracted you in the first place - that's the place you need to go to. Was it manga (japanese comics), the japanese fashion? Whatever it was, I would tackle leaning Japanese through your interest. -Sayaka ;)


Hailey-san Konnichiwa, Just to let you know you are learning with the audio courses, writing videos, and your Japanese community! I am not allowed on the computer on week days so, what i do is when learning i write the English and Japanese word down so i can study on the week days. And when i practice I watch Japanese shows and commercials online on it will help a lot so, I recommend you to use Rocket Japanese! The easiest way to learn Japanese! I hoped I helped you!


Konnichiwa, Hailey-san! Oh, I hate it when that happens. When you're driving somewhere and you suddenly hit a roadblock. The best way, in my opinion, is to read My Motivation and concentrate on why you want to learn Japanese. Make Japanese fun! You can watch anime, learn Japanese songs, write katakana and hiragana, and impress your friends with what you do know. Think about it! One day, you'll be a fluent Japanese speaker if you don't quit. I know what you mean with being tempted to quit. It seems like so much to learn! But you have your whole life to practice and build on what you already know. Hope that helped! Sayonara, Momoko Akatsutsumi


Hi Hailey-san! I think everyone gets this feeling at some point near the beginning of when they start to learn a new language - I know for sure that I did. You just need to keep going and don't give up! Maybe going back over some of the lessons you haven't understood would help, and don't forget, take your time with it! If you start a lesson without fully understanding the lesson before it, then you're going to end up confusing yourself, so make sure you understand everything in one lesson before you move onto another one. Whilst things might look hard at the moment, after a while you'll get a feel for Japanese and you'll find great enjoyment in learning new things and finding new challenges, so keep trying and don't give up! Ganbatte kudasai - Good luck Liam :)

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