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Forum Rocket Japanese Conversation in Japanese How do you find your language partner?

How do you find your language partner?


Hello. I'm Japanese and studying English. It's difficult to find language partner here in Japan. So I start to look for a language community online. Do you know a good community to do text or voice chat? Or can I do it here? Please let me know. P.S. I'm not a professional teacher. I can chat in Japanese and English (I think). But I cannot teach some technical terms.


I know some websites that have text and voice chat:


Well, for practicing written texts, you can use As for voice conversations and chatting, there is a section dedicated for skype IDs here on the forum. You can get the ID of anyone who has written it there and can practice with them English, while you teach them Japanese. For example, my skype ID is alchemist_93, though I rarely use skype and I'm not a native english speaker, but hope to be useful in a way or another.


>Keyatta B1 Thanks for your information. I definitely check those websites. >コッド Thanks for your reply. I know lang8. As you said, it's good website to improve writing skill. (sometimes hard get somebody's correction, though...) The section dedicated for skype IDs is this page? Yes, I can find skype IDs and emails. Those are great help for me. Thank you very much !


Yes, that would be it ! どういたしまして!


Mina san konbanwa, watashiwa zaihan desu, mare-shia kara kimashta, dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.


I use skype to help Japanese people to learn english and get a small amount of Japanese learning out of it. If anyone is interested in learning Japanese or needs English help please add me to skype


Me im interested to learn japanese teach me some please.


Follow the interactive audio courses you bought/are testing and everything will be fine. Your language learning will proceed smoothly and easily


Koban wa, I am an english speaker, looking for someone to help teach/ speak japanese with. Any Japanese speakers out there? I do have skype.


Hola i need a friend who can teach me spanish.


Everyone who interested in learning English via Skype - please check out our new English Mania online service! Great teachers, professional approach and fun while learning. For inquires please contact info-english-mania-eng (Skype ID).


anyone who can teach me spanish i really want to know,,, necesito ayuda


@Imani O Maybe ask in the Spanish forum? There are lots of discussions on learning Spanish there.


well im a native english speaker thats learning japanese (3 weeks now haha) so if your still looking then add me on facebook and we'll work from there i have skype too =)oh and my name is teirnan kerr arigato


watashi wa nihonji sukidesu


I would like to invite you to add me as my friend, if you would like to, on facebook. I would like to communicate with you in Japanese with hiragana, katakana and kanji. Look at my name on facebook "Phunphen Waicharern". I'm interested in Japanese culture, the Bhudda, current events, taking pictures and reading management books.


Hi, I'm a few months into learning Japanese and would like a language partner. Is anyone interested? Cheers!


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