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how to say "thank you for your advice regarding ..."


Hi, could I ask if this is an accurate translation for "thank you for your advice regarding..." : koto o soudan shite kurete doumo arigato gozaimasu thanks


Yep, it's correct :). You can also drop the "o soudan shite kurete", but if you want to be really polite, then keep the long version.


Nice! The long version looks hard ,But I'm willing to learn.


the sentence structure is really simple in this one. All you need to do is understand the meaning of each component. *no koto -> refers to a matter/a thing (non-physical) *soudan -> advice/counseling *shite -> "te" form of the verb suru = to do *kurete -> used after actions (here: soudan suru) to imply the meaning that it was done for your sake/benefit. It's the "te" form of the verb kureru = to receive. *doumo arigatou gozaimasu -> thank you very much Well, all these come with practice :)

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