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I would like a friend to help me practice Japanese through Skype


I am still a beginner in speaking Japanese and I would appreciate if someone would share some of their time to help me practice speaking Japanese. So far, I have studied up to lesson 1.4 and it will really help if someone will help me practice. If you are also a beginner, then we can help eachother. I am willing to go back to 1.0 Introduction to help you as it will also help me improve my Japanese. We can use an internet service called Skype to practice our Japanese. My skype username is sumimazen. I am at the United States with Eastern Standard Time. Arigato


Hi. Why don't you try out If you sign up as a free member, you can respond to emails from "gold" members. Make sure to put your native language as English, and your learning language as Japanese. From what I've heard, you get lots of requests from Japanese people learning English. You can also communicate via email and IM. To really get all the benefits, you'll have to sign up as a Gold member, which costs $6/month, but give the free account a try and see what you think. Another similar site you could try is, though I'm not as sure about the details. From what I gather you can write a journal and have it corrected by native speakers. In exchange, you help correct foreigners' journals. I believe lang-8 is free. You could alternatively try to put an ad in a local newspaper offering to teach conversational English to a native Japanese speaker in exchange for practicing your Japanese. At first it may seem like there's nobody to speak Japanese with, but with a bit of effort you'll definitely find somebody. Actually, for me, living in Barbados, virtually nobody speaks Japanese, but by a stroke of luck, I was able to have conversations with a teacher at my school who did the JET programme. You could see if have any friends who did the JET programme (Japanese-English Teaching), as it's not uncommon. がんばってください! パスカル


hi i didn't think i was going to find anyone else who uses skype i'm at the same stage in my lessons right now 1.4 i'll add u i appreciate the help bty my skype name is remelsy88


Yes, definately Remcy M. I have already accepted your contact request. Just state the time to begin.


thanks i really appreciate it i just purchased rocket japanese platinum so i'll be going through the whole series now umm how about next thur- Sat between 7:00 - 12:00 ? pm i gotta review lessons 1.1-1.4 again plus i'm kinda nervous but i'll try my hardest everyday thanks again


Yes I would like to practice japanese with you on February 4, 2010 and February 5, 2010 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.


do it cost money to sign up for skype?


if u need help learning japanese and stuff try it is helpful to!


Skype is free for internet calls. It only cost's money if you call a phone number from it. I use it all the time on the iPhone to call friends oversea's. Getting a online number (A number anyone can call from any phone) is inexpensive as well.


good to know


but i am only 11 years old i am not allowed to accept calls there a site thats free?


well than never mind(keyatta 2) but i need help staying focused, like i need a good kick in the pants because school started for me and lots of other stuff if someone could just bug me about the lessons that would be fine ya know like if anyone could just tell me every week or every 4 or 5 days "what lesson are u on Remcy" or"u better be on lesson so and so by this friday or i'll" so i get that kick in the pants cause it's really hard for me to stay focused thanks if anyone is willing to do that i appreciate it


Why are you studying Japanese? Check out the page for tips and tricks.


Keyatta, You won't receive calls from people you donot know. If you don't get a online number then only other skype users can call/chat with you. It's like MSN, you can set it so they have to be in your contacts list to talk with you.


it's alright i just met up with 2 of friends that speak japanese what a stroke of luck for me =]


I think that we can help each other.


sure saeed h if u have skype just add me my name is remelsy88 and sumimazen i would still like to practice speaking with u whatever time u think is good as long as it's in the evening. i'm practicing everyday and i have my 2 friends on call so i'm learning quickly


I would also like to get in on this skype, experiance my skype name is norseninja1


Lots of great info here. Arigattou Gozimas.


I'm a senior citizen, retired teacher, that lived in Japan while I was in the military in the 1950s. I now live in Hawaii. I would welcome a Japanese senior who would like to exchange conversation so we could both improve our abilities. We could better each other's languages by e-mail or skype. I'm up to 1st Rocket 3.2. but have some residual memory of things learned in the past. Aloha,


hey sumimazen i would still like to conversate if it's alright with you i just finished school for summer vacation so now i have more time so if ur still interested just let me know the time u want to start sorry everybody for not getting ur messages i'll add u norseninja1 so anytime u guys are ready and to anyone else that has skype my name is remelsy88


I'm up for skype converstions! I am at level 1.6. I am in Tokyo currently and find that it just goes by too fast when I try to use it. I have also enrolled in a Japanese class at a local International Friends Association. It is an emersion class taught entirely in Japanese - including the text book. So I am not sure exactly where my level is. Anyway, my skype name is ljmaness from Casper, Wyoming. arigato


i need email for someone talk japanese my email [email protected]


I'm a novice just beginning again after a few years. If anyone would like to start practicing with me through skype or any other online program where we can communicate e-mail me: [email protected]


Any idea on why I can't seem to get into stage 2 lessons?




Hello everyone. I am still a beginner so I am also looking to practice my Japanese with fellow students through Skype. It sounds like a lot of fun and great way to truly help each other build on current speaking abilities. Anyone who is up for this can add me: maaaanny Yes, my username has 4 A's and 2 N's. Look forward to it! Your friend, Manny


@Manny If you want, you can add me on msn at [email protected] . Anyone who wants to can. It'd be good to have a chat.


I literally just started and am trying to free trial version. I do use skype and you can add me Magyck Blitz just be sure to add something so I can identify you as a person who wishes to practice japanese or just chat about it.


I am also a beginner. My skype is lauren.t2525 if anyone would like to add me.


Hi! I am a beginner interested in chatting! My skype name is james194zt if anybody wants to practice drop me a line!!


i need get skype i just started this program but ive been reading couple books and kinda know just about all the basics id love to get some help tho. :)


i am beginner in Japanese language and i need someone to be communicating with my email:[email protected]


my skype name is envyscar i would like to find some one as well to help eachother


i've been to Japan many times to work but i'm not used to speak nihongo because most of my co-workers are Filipino using each others own language... i really wanted to know how to understand and speak nihongo... i know basic Japanese, i know how to read and write hiragana and katakana... i want somebody i can talk to.. feel free to add my skype name ...mikaelanakano.. tnx

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