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Japanese Anime and/or movie for beginners


I am wondering if anyone can recommend any Japanese Anime or movies with subtitles on YouTube for learning Japanese conversation. Thank you.


I have found that anime designed for the young (especially girls) tends to use a great combination of formal speaking (to others) and less formal speaking (to each other) Believe it or not... I find that anime like "Sailor Moon" works well for this. I don't want to say that the language is 'dumbed down' but it gives a good sense of more basic vocabulary. I would strongly also suggest the live action version of this because you can see and watch the words spoken with the subtitles as well.


The Doraemon animation and Miyazaki Hayao movies are good and fun to watch. I'm not sure if they are available with subtitles on YouTube but parts of it should be. Good luck!


Hi. Captain Tsubasa (if Ive spelt it correct) is good although it is a soccer anime. I have bought some dvds of Japanese movies and will watch them to see if I can pick up words that I am learning here. then as I progress I hope I can understand more. I hope this helps.

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