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For those who follow the forums I am about to take the next level of the JLPT in Canberra this July. I have already passed N5 and will be attempting N4.

Just thought I would share some interesting sample questions from the test paper for others to answer if they feel they can and discuss the test and hopefully see where you are at as well with your study of Japanese.

( )に なにを いりますかから いちばん いい ものを ひとつ えらんで ください

えきから たいしかんまでの ( ) を かいて ください
1 しゃしん 2 ちず 3 てがみ 4 きっぷ

_の ぶんと たいたい おなじ いみの ぶんか ありますから いちばん いい ものを ひとつ えらんで ください

まいばん くにの かぞくに でんわします
1 よるは ときどき くにの かぞくに でんわします
2 あさは ときどき くにの かぞくに でんわします
3 よるは いつも くにの かぞくに でんわします
4 あさは いつも くにの かぞくに でんわします

I know the answers already. If this catches on and people are interested I will share more and we can discuss JLPT in detail and hopefully take our Japanese to new levels.


Are these samples from the N5? I ask because there is no kanji whatsoever (I miss the kanji, I think it would make the instructions easier to understand).

My answers:
えきから たいしかんまでの (x) を かいて ください
4 きっぷ

まいばん くにの かぞくに でんわします
3 よるは いつも くにの かぞくに でんわします


The above is an N5 question which I think is a trick question. In the books it is always written in hiragana and my guess is it is to accurately identify very conjugation. The answer is actually 2 ちず かいて 書いて かって 買って hence where the trick questions come in. One would immediately assume (like myself) that the most obvious answer would be ticket as it is very clear that is the most common way that sentence would be. But it is in fact map as in draw a map from here to there instead of by a ticket from here to there....

The second one is correct. I fell for the first one above too and made the same mistake. It would have been easier to spot if it had been written in Kanji. That is why I consider the JLPT N5 could be harder in some cases than N4 as it relies on hiragana more than Kanji and people can fall for simple mistakes or trick questions.


I thought it would be easier thanks to multiple choice. (笑) This has made it clear I need to spend some time memorizing て-forms.


Thanks for sharing this! I also fell for the trick question but seeing the dialogue between you two helped me understand my mistake quickly!

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